These newly emerged Monarchs (the offspring of the overwintering generation) continue northward, laying eggs along the way and ultimately perishing. Each female can lay 500 eggs. Most are laid singly on a milkweed plant. Army World War II veteran, member of Chestnut Hill Baptist Church and American Legion Post 16. Blake was an avid Lynchburg Hillcats fan and loved fishing. In addition to his wife, he is survived by a daughter, Kimbley Fay Harrell, and fianc, David Young; a son, Kelley Reid Harrell; a sister, Dorris Skinnell; special nieces and nephews, Ginger (Ed) Paris, Sylvia Reinhardt, Dennis Wright, Tracy (Laura) Wright and other nieces and nephews; and two brothers in law, David (Pat) Singleton and Leslie (Virginia) Singleton.

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